Utilities supplying natural gas and propane use Firebag® thermal shutoffs to protect residential and commercial dwellings with a level of fire safety previously not available. By installing a FireBag thermal activated shutoff, prior to the gas meter, these utilities protect the safety and property of their customers and first responders in the event of a fire.

FireBag Thermal Activated Shutoffs are available in multiple piping configurations and sizes to accommodate the varying piping requirements of a natural gas or propane system. A recommended FireBag piping orientation and design illustration is highlighted as follows or simply contact your local Firebag distributor for additional information and specifications:

FireBag Installation Options for Single Residential & Commercial Gas Metering

  • A — Upstream of the Regulator
    Installed prior to the regulator, Male x Female FireBag configurations are available in 3/4″ – 2″ NPT sizes.
  • B — Upstream of the Meter Bar
    For installations after the regulator and prior to the meter bar, Female x Male FireBag configurations are available in 3/4″ – 1-1/2″ NPT sizes.
  • C — In-Line with the Meter Swivels & Nuts
    A FireBag Meter Connection Kit can easily be installed on new or existing meter installations by utilizing a FireBag fitting in-line with the inlet swivel of the meter and accompanied by a BLANK companion fitting installed with the outlet swivel, keeping the meter balanced and level. Sizes include a 1/2″ x 3/4″ reducing kit, 3/4″, and 1″ NPT Male x Female configurations.
Type Size Config Model Number Description
A 3/4″ MxF NPT FBAS20002 Teco FireBag 3/4″ MxF NPT
A 1″ MxF NPT FBAS25002 Teco FireBag 1″ MxF NPT
A 1  1/4″ MxF NPT FBAS32001 Teco FireBag 1  1/4″ MxF NPT
A 1 1/2″ MxF NPT FBAS40001 Teco FireBag 1 1/2″ MxF NPT
A 2″ MxF NPT FBAS50001 Teco FireBag 2″ MxF NPT
B 3/4″ FxM NPT FBAS20001 Teco FireBag 3/4″ FxM NPT
B 1″ FxM NPT FBAS25001 Teco FireBag 1″ FxM NPT
B 1  1/4″ FxM NPT FBAS32003 Teco FireBag 1  1/4″ FxM NPT
B 1 1/2″ FxM NPT FBAS40003 Teco FireBag 1 1/2″ FxM NPT
C 1/2″x3/4″ MxF NPT OEAS0001 Teco FireBag Kit w/ Companion Blank Fitting 1/2″x3/4″ MxF NPT
C 3/4″ MxF NPT OEAS0002 Teco FireBag Kit w/ Companion Blank Fitting 3/4″ MxF NPT
C 1″ MxF NPT OEAS0006 Teco FireBag Kit w/ Companion Blank Fitting 1″ MxF NPT