FireBag Thermally Activated Shutoff (TAS) ValveFor Natural Gas, Propane,  & Butane Gas

The TECO® FireBag® significantly improves fire safety for homes supplied with clean natural gas, as well as propane and butane gas. Homeowners now have the option of making this minimal investment in their home safety whenever a new gas appliance or furnace is installed, with no additional installation expenses.

Teco SRL (Italy) developed the FireBag®, an automatic and reliable thermal shutoff, based on extensive experience in Germany, where thermal gas shutoff devices have been required in homes since the ’90’s. The FireBag currently protects millions of homes throughout Europe and Asia.

This simple, inexpensive device protects lives and property. The Firebag provides passive gas safety by automatically stopping the gas supply when fire occurs, which prevents gas from feeding a fire, averting large scale incidents. Significant safety is achieved without the need for expensive actuators, electrical power, heat detectors, or fire detectors.

How the FireBag Thermally Active Shutoff Works

The FireBag thermal shutoff off consists of a zinc-plated steel pipe that contains a small device that responds to high temperatures. This device contains a plug, a spring, and a fusible metal alloy. When the ambient temperature near the FireBag reaches a trigger temperature of 203˚-212˚F, the fusible metal alloy melts, releasing the plug, and thereby shutting the flow of gas through the steel line. The FireBag closes within 60 seconds, per DIN 3586.

This sturdy small mechanism can withstand 1,697˚F for 60 minutes, giving time for first responders to reach the home and turn the gas supply off from the curb.

FireBag Thermally Activated Shutoff under normal operating conditions

Cross-section of FireBag
under normal operating conditions

  FireBag FireBag Thermally Activated Shutoff  when exposed to 203˚-212˚F and triggered to a closed position

Cross-section of the FireBag when exposed to 203˚-212˚F
and triggered to a closed position

Since the FireBag is a passive device and only triggers in a fire situation, it is virtually maintenance free. No regular inspections are required. No fire or heat detectors are required to automatically intercept the gas flow.

Where the FireBag is Used

The FireBag is used at the gas meter, with multi-meter gas manifolds, and at each gas appliance. At the gas meter, it can also be supplied with a blank fitting to keep the distance the same on the inlet and outet of the meter to insure a level installation.

The FireBag can be supplied with a shut-off valve to be installed at the gas appliance (gas stove, water heater, gas furnace, gas grills, gas boilers, gas water heaters, gas dryers, gas generators).