Teco Americas is a privately held company that sells innovative fire safety products to gas utilities, commercial kitchens, original equipment manufacturers (e.g. furnaces), and residential end users. Teco Americas’ flagship product is the FireBag®, a thermal activated automatic gas shutoff.

Teco AmericasTeco Americas products are designed specifically for the American market, meeting U.S. threading standards. The company’s fire safety products are used throughout the world with over 12 million installations, meeting international fire safety standards for natural gas, propane, and butane shutoff.

Teco Americas is represented at major industry trade events including the AGA Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition and Pipeline Safety Regional Conferences.

For more information, contact Teco Americas at (908) 488-0909, by e-mail at inquiry@tecoamericas.com or visit https://tecoamericas.com .

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Jean Steckler
Teco Americas
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