Comprehensive Resource on FireBag Thermally Activated Shutoff (TAS)

FireBag Thermally Activated Shutoff Desk ReferenceTeco Americas’ newly published Desk Reference is a comprehensive resource on thermally activated thermal shutoffs. The Desk Reference assists gas utility operations and safety departments’ evaluation of these passive gas safety devices. It includes thermally activated thermal shutoff gas safety reports from leading gas industry research and development organizations such as the Gas Technology Institute (GTI).

Included in the Desk Reference on thermally activated shutoff gas safety devices are:

Standards and Statutes

  • DIN 3586, Thermo activated safety device for gas applications worldwide standard
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts statutes MGL 164 § 75a (2012)
  • Massachusetts DPU Order 14899 (1974)

FireBag® Approval Certifications

  • MA MGL Order Conformance (2013)
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts DPU Approval (2012)
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure Approval (2011)
  • CRM 248 Approval (2011)

FireBag Testing Reports

  • GTI OTD Report (2019)
  • GTI – Independent Test Report (2013)
  • Fire & Risk Alliance Report – Phase I (Jan. 18, 2019)
  • Fire & Risk Alliance Report – Phase II (Dec. 12, 2019)

FireBag Product Information

  • Installation Diagrams
  • Configuration Flow Direction Options
    (e.g. MxF, FxM, FxF, FireBag + Companion Fitting Kits)
  • Size Options
  • Dimensions
    (NPT thread sizes, length, width)
  • Flow Rates
    (CFH, Equivalent Length-ft, KV, CV)

FireBag Technical Specifications

  • Drawings
  • Pressure Drop vs Flow Rate Charts
  • CAD Offerings

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