Massachusetts Leads in Gas Safety with FireBag® Thermal Activated Shutoffs (TAS)

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been a leader in gas fire safety. Since 1974, the state has required gas utilities to install thermal activated shutdown upstream of the gas meter for gas meters installed inside a dwelling.

Liberty Sales provides Massachusetts utilities with TECO® FireBags® — quality thermal shutoffs which meet the MA General Laws: Massachusetts D.P.U. MGL Section 75A of Chapter 164, Ruling #14899 (March 1974)

FireBag Operation

Schedule an on-site or virtual meeting to learn about the latest fire safety advances in thermal activated shutoff (TAS) devices and excess flow valves (EFVs), designed for use in IP and LP natural gas residential and commercial metering installations. Learn how the latest fire safety designs and solutions are used to protect property and people—including first responders—in the event of a fire or natural disaster.

Discussion also includes solutions for:

  • Gas Valve Regulator
  • Pressure regulators
  • Excess Flow Valve
  • Pressure Regulating Valves
  • Positive shut off valves and fail close regulators to interrupt the supply of gas
  • Slam Shut Valves

In this on-site meeting, you will learn how utilities in the Northeast are adopting these devices into their operating systems, providing additional levels of protection.

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Configuration Options

The TECO FireBag is available in ½” to 2″ NPT connections in Male x Female or Female x Female configurations. TECO FireBag Kits with Companion Blank Fittings are also available. The TECO FireBag and Blank Fitting are installed on the meter bar to provide level meter assemblies. The TECO FireBag Kits are configured for Male to Female flow direction.

TECO FireBag Thermal Activated Shutoff (TAS) Features

  • Fast activating trip temperatures of 203°-212°F, providing a gas-tight positive gas seal
  • Once triggered, TECO FireBag TAS remains active (closed) in temperatures up to 1697°F for one hour
  • Can undergo mechanical or thermal stress without misshaping, as thermal cooling occurs after a fire is extinguished.
  • Tested & Approved for gas systems operating from inches water column to 100 psig MAOP
  • Approved for Indoor & Outdoor piping applications
  • NO external power or detectors required to activate
  • Does not require regular inspections like active safety devices
  • Manufactured and Tested to DIN 3586 Standards
  • Approved for use by Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) – Installation and Design of Automatic Gas Shut Off Devices G.L c. 164, § 75A (2012)
  • Approved for use under CMR 248, Mass Fuel Gas & Plumbing Code (2011)
  • Over 12.5M TECO FireBag devices installed worldwide, with greater than 50,000 in the United States


The TECO FireBag is certified for domestic and international thermal gas shutoff standards, including:

  • Massachusetts D.P.U. MGL Section 75A of Chapter 164, Ruling #14899 (March 1974)
  • Tested and certified by Gas Technology Institute (GTI) according to DIN 3586 testing procedures (2013) (2019)
  • Meets and exceeds DIN 3586 thermo activated safety device for gas applications
  • European UNI EN 1775 Standard for indoor gas installations
  • European Directive 90/396/CEE certification for durability in mechanical or thermal stress
  • German DVGW TRGI 86/96 Standard for thermo-activated locking systems on gas heaters, water heaters & domestic gas fittings
  • German Standard Muster-Feuerverordnung (FeuVo v. 02/95 – edition 9/97) for thermal-activated devices
  • Italian UNI 7129 Ed 2001 Standard for fire protection & gas supply line components
  • Independently tested by GTI for OTD Member Companies


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