Modesto Firefighters Risk Their Lives To Stop Flow of Gas on High-Pressure Line

Division Chief Sean Slamon, Modesto Fire Department:

We received a call this morning at 1:01 a.m for a fire in the area of 9th and J Streets. The caller believed an apartment was on fire. We arrived in four minutes and found a high high-pressure gas line that was feeding a business in the alley between Ninth and Tenth off the J Street — was well involved in fire and it was a gas-fed fire. Crews were able to push the fire back enough to where they were able to shut the gas off. That eliminated the fire being fed.We were able to force entry into several of the businesses and limit the extension — very minor extension into the businesses. This fire had a tremendous potential to be a very large fire in the block area. PGE is going to have to come and dig up the high-pressure line before they can change the meter out. We’ve still got a minor leak and that’s obviously a big concern of ours right now.

Truck One to check for extension on the interior of the building. They’re entering off the J Street side which is the alpha side.

Intensity of Fire Threatens Adjacent Buildings

Confirming the restaurant off of 10th Street.

Confirmed – no fire.

Copy that, I got Engine Four coming in now.

Copy. Engine Five Go ahead and bring PGE’s coming to the command post.

Copy Engine Five good

Since there was no automatic thermal shutoff, firemen risked their lives to manually turn off high-pressure gas valve.


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