U.S. Fires Involving Flammable Gas and Need to Reduce Significant Gas Related Incident Risks

FireBag Applications

FireBag® Thermal
Activated Gas Shutoff
Reduces Risk of Significant
Gas Related Incidents

According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the U.S. Fire Administrator’s National Fire (USFA) and the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), 51,600 of home fires occur annually where flammable gas was the first material ignited. These fires resulted in 168 civilian deaths, 1,029 civilian injuries, and $644 million in direct property damage each year on the average. Nearly a quarter (22%) of these fires are ignited by a flammable gas leak or break.

U.S. Fires Involving Flammable Gas and Need to Reduce Significant Gas Related Incident Risks
Years 2007-2011. Source: https://www.nfpa.org/-/media/Files/News-and-Research/Fire-statistics-and-reports/Fact-sheets/FiresStartingGasFactSheet.pdf

Fire fighters and first responders are trained on the danger a gas fed fire presents. Identified by the “blue flame” characteristics, fire prevention experts instruct first responders to turn the gas source off immediately.

As response times for gas utility workers and first responders can be delayed due to circumstances beyond their control (e.g., traffic congestion, severe weather, etc.), the risk of property loss, life and first responder injuries increases.

Thermally Activated Shutoffs (TAS) Provide Additional Safety

Until recently, gas utilities had limited options when it comes to automatic, passive gas safety devices. Utilities may have installed Excess Flow Valve (EFV) or Earthquake Gas Shutoff Valves – however fires fueled by flammable gas sources remain a risk.

Now, through the installation of a FireBag® thermally-activated shutoff (TAS) device, the risk of a significant gas related incident from occurring can be reduced. The FireBag TAS is a passive shut-off device, which activates when the ambient temperature reaches 212°F, providing a 100% bubble tight seal when exposed to temperatures up to 1697° F for up to one hour. Once activated, the FireBag can undergo mechanical or thermal stress without misshaping thus maintaining a positive gas shut-off after the fire has been extinguished.

FireBag Models

The FireBag thermal-activated shutoff (TAS) is available in numerous configurations that can be installed upstream of residential and commercial gas meters and appliances ranging in pipe sizes from ½” to 2” NPT pipe sizes. The figures below provide examples of the different sizes and configurations of the FireBag device.

FireBag Models used to Reduce Significant Gas Related Incident Risks

Ease of Installation & Maintenance

Whether upgrading an existing natural gas or propane service, or incorporating into a new system design, the installation of a FireBag TAS device is fast and easy, and requires no long-term maintenance once installed. Utility workers appreciate the FireBag features, which make their job safer and easy, including:

  • FireBag Thermal Activated Shut Off (TAS) devices are fast and easy to install
  • Not affected by external factors (i.e. works even during meter servicing operations)
  • Can be installed upstream of existing meters and regulators on new or existing service
  • Available in numerous pipe sizes and configurations from ½” to 2” NPT pipe sizes
  • Maintenance Free

FireBag Thermal Activated Shut-Off (TAS) Features

  • Fast activating trip temperatures of 203-212°F, providing a 100% bubble-tight positive gas seal
  • Once triggered, FireBag TAS remain active (closed) in temperatures up to 1697°F for one hour
  • Can undergo mechanical or thermal stress without misshaping, as thermal cooling occurs after a fire is extinguished.
  • Tested & Approved to for gas systems operating from inches water column to 100 psig MAOP
  • Approved for Indoor & Outdoor piping applications
  • NO external power or detectors required to activate
  • Does not require regular inspections like active safety devices
  • Manufactured and Tested to DIN 3586 Standards
  • Approved for use by Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) – Installation and Design of Automatic Gas Shut Off Devices G.L c. 164, § 75A (2012)
  • Approved for use under CMR 248, Mass Fuel Gas & Plumbing Code (2011)
  • Over 12.5M FireBag devices installed worldwide, with greater than 50,000 in the United States

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