Why Install Excess Flow Valves for Home Gas Appliances

For example, new regulations require utilities install curbside excess flow valves for all new home construction. These regulations resulted from years of learning and experience of the potential danger of ruptured gas lines between the roadside gas pipes and a home’s gas meter. When gas utilities install curbside excess flow valves, accidental ruptures of the gas line from landscaping and excavation no longer present danger to the home and community, since the EFV will automatically stop gas from flowing.

As good as our gas service is in the United States, we continuously improve on safety for our homes, based on what we learn from past incidents, and the experience both domestically and internationally.

The gas utility is responsible for the integrity of the gas supply to the home up to the meter.  The responsibility for the integrity and safety of the gas line after the gas meter lies with the homeowner.

Gas line ruptures can happen within the home as well, when nails or drills inadvertently compromise gas supply within the home. And many gas appliances use plastic tubing, which can corrode and deteriorate over time.

Fortunately, TECO Americas provides homeowners with the same type of technology used by gas utilities to protect their family, home, and furnishings from inside the home.

For this reason, responsible home owners install GST Excess Flow Valves, often with their gas appliance connectors, protecting them from internal gas line ruptures, or disconnections.

How the GST Excess Flow Valve Works

How the GST Excess Flow Valve WorksIn proper, normal conditions, the GST Excess Flow Valve allows the normal flow of gas unimpeded. When the flow rate reaches a critical level accidentally, such as 2.5 m3/h, a patented spring mechanism releases a shutter or plunger to seal the valve opening, preventing further gas flow.

When the cause for the excess flow of gas is remedied, the GST EFV automatically resumes the flow of gas. The device recognizes a balance between the upstream flow rate and downstream flow rate through a small hole in the valve.

Different models of the GST EFV can be selected, depending on the pipe sizing and desired sensitivity to flow rates. Models are available that will trigger at any of the following flow rates:

  • 5 m3/h trigger for ½”, ¾” & 1” fittings
  • 0 m3/h trigger for ¾” & 1” fittings
  • 0 m3/h for 1” fitting
  • 10 m3/h for 1¼” fitting
  • 16 m3/h for 1½” and 2” fittings

GST excess flow valve-male input female output  GST excess flow valve female input male output

GST Excess Flow Valves are also available in Male Input x Female Output configuration, as well as Female Input x Male Output threads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What orientation does the GST EFV need to be installed?
The GST EFV can be installed either horizontally or vertically.
Is the GST EFV suitable for metallic or plastic installations?
Yes, the GST EFV can be used for both metallic and for plastic installations.
Does the GST EFV require power or electricity to work?
No, the GST EFV is a passive device that requires no electricity.
Does the GST EFV need regular maintenance service?
Can the GST EFV be installed on older models of gas appliances, or can it only be used with new appliances?
The GST EFV is easily installed with previously installed gas appliances, as well as new appliances. It can also be installed in manifolds that service multiple gas appliances.
Why Buy TECO Americas’ GST EFV
TECO Americas is introducing the GST EFV to homes throughout North America using the same patented technology that has protected homes throughout Europe and Asia for over 30 years.
What type of gas appliance would benefit from a GST EFV?

Any natural gas or propane gas appliance would benefit from installing a GST EFV, which include:

  • Gas ranges
  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Water heaters
  • Dryers
  • Space Heaters
  • Gas-fed Fireplaces
  • Gas Fire Pits


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