FireBag® Thermal Activated Shutoff Industrial Applications


FireBag Thermal Gas Shutoff

At last, industry now can be protected with FireBag® self-actuated gas shut-off devices in all gas-fed appliances, protecting both lives and property. These safety devices have been mandated for all gas appliances that use natural gas, propane, and butane gas in European countries such as Germany for over 17 years.

Gas appliances manufactured in Europe routinely include thermal actuated gas shut-off safety devices, resulting in a significant decrease in the danger of gas ignited fires.

The FireBag® is a passive device that automatically closes the supply of gas in the event of fire, preventing the spread of fire which can lead to gas explosions. The FireBag® thermal-activated shut-off device shuts off gas supply when ambient temperatures reach 212°F. The FireBag®’s fusible alloy melts when the outside temperature reaches 203-212°F, releasing its plug to completely close the flow of gas.

This passive safety device works day and night, weekends and holidays without any manual intervention. The FireBag® does not rely on anyone to find a manual valve or locate a wrench to close the gas supply. The FireBag® is installed in the gas piping upstream of the gas appliance, and does not require any manual manipulation once installed.

FireBag gas oven thermal shutoffsOVENS

Baking ovens are often located in areas where fires can break out for reasons independent of the gas system itself. In such cases a FireBag® device prevents gas from leaking and spreading the fire.


Radiant Pipe Gas Thermal ShutoffsThe picture shows the use of
a ball valve provided with
FireBag® where the radiant
pipe module departs from the
general supplying line.


The high-temperature-resistant FireBag® safety device is installed before the intercepting valve and upstream of any other regulating and measuring device.


The supply line of a high-power thermal station can be protected by a flanged ball valve provided with a FireBag® device.

Gas thermal shutoff on supply line of a high-power thermal station

Gas Thermal Shutoffs for Varnishing BoothsVARNISHING BOOTHS

The picture shows a ball valve provided with a FireBag® device intercepting the supply line of a varnishing booth burner.

Thermal Gas Shutoffs for Gas MotorsGAS MOTORS

FireBag® devices are installed on the supply lines upstream of the pressure reducers and solenoid valves necessary for the correct performance of the motor. Installing these automatic thermo-operated devices does not affect the total cost of the system but increases its safety substantially.


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