FireBag® Thermal Shutoffs for Residential Applications


FireBag Thermal Gas ShutoffAt last, America homes now can be protected with FireBag® self-actuated gas shut-off devices in all gas-fed appliances, protecting both lives and property. These safety devices have been mandated for all gas appliances that use natural gas, propane, and butane gas in European countries such as Germany for over 17 years.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the U.S. fire departments face 2,110 home fires a year where natural gas is the first material ignited, and 1,170 home fires a year where LP-gas is involved with the start of a fire. Most home gas fires originate in the kitchen at the stove or gas range.

Active devices such as fire extinguishers have become standard fixtures in U.S. kitchens within the last few decades. And now, for less than the cost of a fire extinguisher, a gas appliance can be equipped with the FireBag® passive device, to protect the home even when no one is at home.

Gas appliances manufactured in Europe routinely include thermal actuated gas shut-off safety devices, resulting in a significant decrease in the danger of gas ignited fires.

Residential thermal gas thermal shutoff at supply lineSUPPLY PIPES

Supply pipes from GPL cylinders or natural gas meters need to be intercepted inside the building. To increase safety these valves can be provided with FireBag® devices.




Residential Gas Thermal Shutoff at MeterGAS METERS

If the gas meter is indoor providing the intercepting valve with FireBag® will increase the safety of the system.




Gas appliance thermal shutoffGAS FITTINGS

Intercepting valves placed before pipes supplying domestic gas fittings (wall heaters, boilers, etc.) are provided with FireBag® safety devices.




gas radiator thermal shutoffIn systems with individual gas radiators, intercepting valves with FireBag® safety devices will stop gas leaks in case of fire.


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