FireBag® Thermal Activated Shutoff (TAS) Installations at Meter Improve MA Gas Safety

Massachusetts leads the nation, requiring automatic thermally activated gas shutoffs for natural gas customer meter piping systems

TECO® Americas‘ FireBag®, a thermally activated shutoff (TAS), provides greater fire safety for gas utility customers when installed in conjunction with the natural gas meter piping system. And importantly, the TECO FireBag provides verifiable proof that gas supply was automatically shut down in fire situations, averting potential liability exposure, and possibly reductions in insurance coverage. Approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, the TECO FireBag provides the level of fire safety required by MA General Laws Section 75A of Chapter 164, Ruling #14899 (March 1974) Section 8 (c) and (d).

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

The TECO FireBag manufactured and tested to the European DIN 3586 Standard, ensures increased levels of public safety beyond the Massachusetts baseline requirements.

Through two extensive testing evaluations GTI confirms the TECO FireBag meets and exceeds the following stringent Massachusetts fire safety requirements:

MA CODE: Approved fire device shall become operative at an ambient temp not exceeding 250° F under normal operating conditions.
TECO FIREBAG: TECO FireBag closes at 203° F-212° F

MA CODE: On closure, leakage shall not exceed 1% of the flow from the open end of the gas pipe fifty feet in length
TECO FIREBAG: TECO FireBag provides gas tight seal, blocking gas flow for at least 60 minutes at temperature of 1,697° F

MA CODE: Approved device shall be installed no more than 12″ from the inlet side of the meter and not to exceed 36″ on specific approval.
TECO FIREBAG: Multiple configurations allow device to be installed upstream of the meter or directly into a meter bar proving greater access to meet code requirements.

TECO FIREBAG: As an additional benefit, per DIN 3586 Standards, TECO FireBag will continue to provide a gas tight seal after thermal cycling occurs once fire is extinguished.

The highly respected Fire & Risk Alliance’s professional fire protection engineers performed convective and radiant thermal exposure tests on the FireBag to document and verify the FireBag’s safety and performance. The company evaluates solutions for fire protection, risk, and life safety projects. Products used by Fire Departments typically undergo convective and radiant thermal tests to assure product safety in fire situations. Many of the largest U.S. fire departments rely on Fire & Risk Alliance’s safety and performances tests when evaluating critical products used to protect fire fighters.

Currently over 12.5 million TECO FireBag units are installed worldwide, with over 50,000 units installed in North America. The TECO FireBag is installed by natural gas utility companies throughout the Northeast.

Gas Meter with FireBag Improves MA Gas Safety

The TECO FireBag is installed:

A – Upstream of the Regulator
B – Upstream of the Meter Bar
C – In-line with the meter swivels and nuts

Installation of TECO FireBag can easily be performed during the following maintenance functions:

  • Installing new service line
  • Replacing service line
  • During meter change or inspection and maintenance

Safety Features

The TECO FireBag’s safety features makes it the preferred gas thermal activated shutoff:

  • Automatically stops gas flow at stated temperature when exposed to fire
  • Maintains shut-off requirements for time and temperature during a fire
  • Holds gas tight pressure after thermal cooling
  • Ease of installation
  • NO required maintenance during lifetime of piping system

TECO FireBag Thermal Activated Shutoff (TAS) Features

  • Fast activating trip temperatures of 203°-212°F, providing a gas-tight positive gas seal
  • Once triggered, TECO FireBag TAS remains active (closed) in temperatures up to 1697°F for one hour
  • Can undergo mechanical or thermal stress without misshaping, as thermal cooling occurs after a fire is extinguished.
  • Tested & Approved to for gas systems operating from inches water column to 100 psig MAOP
  • Approved for Indoor & Outdoor piping applications
  • NO external power or detectors required to activate
  • Does not require regular inspections like active safety devices
  • Manufactured and Tested to DIN 3586 Standards
  • Approved for use by Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) – Installation and Design of Automatic Gas Shut Off Devices G.L c. 164, § 75A (2012)
  • Approved for use under CMR 248, Mass Fuel Gas & Plumbing Code (2011)
  • Over 12.5M TECO FireBag devices installed worldwide, with greater than 50,000 in the United States


The TECO FireBag is certified for domestic and international thermal gas shutoff standards, including:

  • Massachusetts D.P.U. MGL Section 75A of Chapter 164, Ruling #14899 (March 1974)
  • Tested and certified by Gas Technology Institute (GTI) according to DIN 3586 testing procedures (2013) (2019)
  • Meets and exceeds DIN 3586 thermo activated safety device for gas applications
  • European UNI EN 1775 Standard for indoor gas installations
  • European Directive 90/396/CEE certification for durability in mechanical or thermal stress
  • German DVGW TRGI 86/96 Standard for thermo-activated locking systems on gas heaters, water heaters & domestic gas fittings
  • German Standard Muster-Feuerverordnung (FeuVo v. 02/95 – edition 9/97) for thermal-activated devices
  • Italian UNI 7129 Ed 2001 Standard for fire protection & gas supply line components
  • Independently tested by GTI for OTD Member Companies