FireBag® Thermal Gas Shutoff Approved by Massachusetts Board of Plumbers & Gas Fitters

The FireBag® automatic thermal-activated gas shutoff complies with MA CMR 248 State Plumbing Code

FireBag Thermal Gas Shutoff

FireBag® Thermal Gas Shutoff for Propane, Natural, & Butane Gases

The Board of Examiners of Plumbers and Gasfitters at the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure has approved Teco America’s FireBag® thermal gas shutoff fitting as MA CMR 248 compliant. MA CMR 248 is Massachusetts’ State Fuel Gas and Plumbing Code, and it evaluates plumbing products according to levels of effectiveness and safety.

The Teco Americas’ FireBag® gas shutoff is an automatic thermal-activated device for propane, natural and butane gases. The FireBag® thermal-activated shutoff stops the gas supply in the event of a fire to prevent explosions and keep fire from spreading.

The metal alloy that keeps the FireBag’s® plug and cartridge together melts when outside temperatures reach 203 – 212 F° (95 – 100° C). When the metal alloy melts, the FireBag’s® spring pressure pushes the plug against the gas opening, which closes it completely. No fire or heat detectors are required to automatically intercept gas flow.


  • Working Pressure: 72.5 PSIG NPT, 232 PSIG Flanged
  • Working Temperature: -4° F to +140° F (-20° to +60° C
  • FireBag® Set-Off Temperature: 203° – 212° F (95° – 100° C)
  • FireBag® Heat Resistance: 1,697° F (925° C) for 60 minutes
  • Material and Finishing: Zinc-plated steel


  • Massachusetts CMR 248 Certified
  • DIN 3586 thermo activated safety device for gas applications
  • European UNI EN 1775 Standard for indoor gas installations
  • European Directive 90/396/CEE certification for durability in mechanical or thermal stress
  • German DVGW TRGI 86/96 Standard for thermo-activated locking systems on gas heaters, water heaters & domestic gas fittings
  • German Standard Muster-Feuerverordnung (FeuVo v. 02/95 – edition 9/97)for thermal-activated devices
  • Italian UNI 7129 Ed 2001 Standard for fire protection & gas supply line components

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